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Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney Tom Nellessen of Nellessen Legal, LLC., is a premier DUI and Criminal Defense lawyer. At Nellessen Legal, LLC., we have been fighting DUI and criminal cases for over 30 years.

If you have been charged with a criminal case in Colorado, a skilled and experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney can help you.


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We are professionals

If you are looking for a highly skilled and experienced DUI attorney in Colorado, Nellessen Legal, LLC is the right choice for you. Our experienced DUI attorneys are members of the DUI Defense Lawyers Association (DUIDLA), a group of the top DUI attorneys in the nation who serve to protect the rights of clients in all DUI related matters.


Legal Practice Areas

DUI Attorney

Driving under the influence (DUI), driving while ability impaired (DWAI), (DWI) Driving while impaired, and drunk driving are all common crimes related to operating a motor vehicle with alcohol in your system which makes it more difficult to properly control a motor vehicle.

Criminal Defense

With his extensive experience in the Colorado criminal courts, criminal defense attorney Thomas Nellessen understands how the court system works and how to best preserve your constitutional rights.

Divorce Attorney

Family law cases can be the most emotional and conflict intense cases in the court system.  These matters can have a negative impact on both the adults and children of the marriage.  At Nellessen Legal are here to easy the pain of divorce cases by redirecting the focus from conflict to peaceful resolution.

Restraining Order

The attorneys at Nellessen Legal understand the ramifications that a protection order can have on your life.  Whether it is a Mandatory Protection Order in a criminal case,  a Temporary Restraining Order, or a Permanent Restraining Order, we know how to defend against these protection orders.

Personal Injury

At Nellessen Legal, LLC., we help those injured in accidents as a result of the negligence of others.  We fight to get accident victims the compensation that they deserve to ensure that they can return to the life that they once had.  At Nellessen Legal, LLC.,

Experience is Essential

An experienced Denver DUI attorney and Colorado Criminal Defense attorney is an absolute necessity in Colorado.


we fight vigorously to protect your rights and freedoms. With our stellar reputation and with over 30 years of experience, Nellessen Legal is the right choice. Denver Criminal Defense Attorney/Colorado DUI Attorney:  For a FREE CONSULTATION and Case Evaluation call :


Success Rate

We are professionals

Successful Cases


Successful Cases

Successful Cases

We are professionals

Meet Our Excellent Team 

Nellessen Legal, LLC., is led by Denver DUI Attorney and Criminal Defense Attorney Thomas J. Nellessen. He is known for his legal knowledge and courtroom manner in both drunk driving and criminal matters. Mr. Nellessen is revered as on of the top Colorado DUI and criminal defense attorneys in Colorado.

Most noteworthy, Mr. Nellessen is an aggressive trial attorney with dominating trial presentation skills. As a result of his vast experience, Mr. Nellessen knows the court systems throughout the front range of Colorado from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins and Greeley. His experience and reputation enable him to work with prosecutors to obtain the best possible results for his clients.

What People Say About Our Firm

Tom Nellessen is an excellent attorney! I had a really complex DUI case and I consulted many attorney’s about, and he was the only one to tell me that I might have a chance. He was able to successfully have my case dropped which is opening up a lot of doors in the right direction for my life. He was very easy to get a hold of and when I couldn’t he always made sure to return my calls. I would recommend him to anyone. His rates were reasonable and he exceeded my expectations in every way. Top Class Attorney!

T. Gordon

Tom is the complete package when it comes to an attorney. He is knowledgeable, highly experienced and very skilled in the courtroom. Tom is also a very caring person who fights to help people. The manner in which Mr. Nellessen handled my case was exceptional. He was very pleasant to the prosecutors and the Judge, and the respect they had for him was obvious. I would recommend Mr. Nellessen as an attorney for anyone who is charged with a dui.

Barkley G

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