Colorado Divorce Attorney

Colorado Divorce Attorney

Nellessen Legal is a client focused Colorado law firm that has been representing clients in family law matters for over 30 years. At Nellessen Legal, LLC, we are highly skilled and experienced divorce attorneys who are able to successfully guide you through the legal process, no matter how difficult the case may be. We pride ourselves in our ability to resolve matters without conflict to help reduce stress and to help reduce the financial burden that come with divorce cases.

The decision to end your marriage is never easy. Family law cases can be very emotional and can have a long-lasting negative impact on the parties and any children involved. Often during these painful situations, you are asked to make decisions that will have an effect on you, your family, and your life. As an experienced Colorado divorce attorney Thomas Nellessen of Nellessen Legal, LLC. can help to ease the pain and stress of your divorce case by assisting you in making well thought out decisions to protect your family and your future.




Getting a Divorce (Dissolution of Marriage) in Colorado

In Colorado, a party to a marriage can request a divorce if they believe that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.”  Colorado is not a state where a bad act must be proven before a divorce can be sought. If a party to a marriage believes that the marriage is irretrievably broken, and if one of the parties has resided in Colorado for over 90 days, the party can file a petition with the court to begin the process.

At times, if the parties agree and are both seeking the divorce, the parties can file the petition jointly to avoid some of the additional costs and fees associated with the divorce matter; however, whether one party files the petition or the parties file jointly, the parties are still adversaries, and the process is still the same. Nobody wins in a divorce case. The key is to move past and move forward to a life separate from the other party.


Each divorce case is different and must be handled in a way that focuses on the needs of the specific client. Some cases are simple and include minimal property and no children. These cases can be managed easily without too much cost to the client. On the other hand, some cases are extremely difficult. These cases usually involve long term marriages with children and substantial assets. These cases will result in months of stressful negotiations and sifting through mounds of paperwork in an attempt to get the best results. Additionally, the divorce and custody process can differ from county to county in Colorado. These differences, together with the intricacies of divorce cases make it important to seek a highly skilled and experienced divorce attorney.

Why Hire Nellessen Legal?

When you hire Nellessen Legal, LLC., you will get the benefit of over 30 years of working with families in their most difficult times. Nellessen Legal is here to help minimize the conflict you will face in a divorce matter, and to aggressively fight to protect your rights in court. At Nellessen Legal, we strive to ensure that at the end of a divorce case you feel like you were treated fairly, and you know that your rights were aggressively protected so that they can move forward in their life without looking back