Colorado Restraining Order Lawyer

Colorado Restraining Order Lawyer

Our Colorado restraining order attorneys understand the intricacies of restraining order hearings and the laws behind them. Whether it is a Mandatory Protection Order in a criminal case,  a Temporary Restraining Order, or a Permanent Restraining Order, we know how to defend against these protection orders.

We know what it takes to defend against restraining orders. If you are served with a restraining order,  for our clients that are facing an upcoming temporary or permanent protection order hearing we fight to protect your rights. If you are seeking a Colorado restraining order, we can help you. 

A Protection Order is any Order that prohibits your from having contact with another person. That means you cannot harass, attack, intimidate, retaliate against,  injure, molest, threaten, touch or abusing the person who requests a protection order (the Protected Person). There may also be distance requirements that you must maintain when in a location where the Protected Person might be. It is common for a person to use false allegations to receive a protection order in an effort to gain an advantage in a divorce or separation case to get an upper hand over the house, children, and marital assets.

In Colorado, a court will issue a temporary protection order if the court finds that imminent harm or danger exists to the person who is seeking the protection order. A court will consider all relevant fact concerning the safety and protection of the person seeking the protection order before the temporary order is issued. Some issues that may result in a protection order are cases of domestic violence, child abuse, substance abuse, threats, and harassment. Courts take these issues very seriously and tend lean toward issuing protection orders in these instances.

If a restraining order is issued against you, there will be long-term consequences. Even though civil in nature, restraining orders become listed on your Colorado criminal history. Having a restraining order on your record can affect your employment, housing, and ability to obtain federal student loans. If you hold a professional license, are in law enforcement, have a concealed carry permit, or are in or are considering military service, a restraining order can disqualify you from your profession or military service. A restraining order could effectively ruin your life.




We Also Assist Other Clients in obtaining Restraining Orders


If you and your family are in imminent danger or fear of harm, Nellessen Legal can seek a civil restraining order on your behalf. The court can enter orders:

(I) To prevent assaults and threatened bodily harm.

(II) To prevent domestic abuse.

(III) To prevent emotional abuse of the elderly or of an at-risk adult.

(IV) To prevent sexual assault or abuse; and

(V) To prevent stalking.

In cases involving divorce, we may be able to combine the divorce case with the restraining order case. In such situations, the attorneys at Nellessen Legal will request that the court enter additional orders from the district court so that bills are continued to be paid and so that there is financial support for the family.

If you are seeking or fighting against a restraining order do not go it alone, call a skilled and experienced restraining order attorney can help you. We are Colorado Restraining Order Attorneys, who can assist you in your protection order case. Call us at (720) 405-5500 or Contact Us today for a free initial consultation.


Mandatory Criminal Protection Orders

Mandatory Protection Orders are protection orders that are entered in criminal cases in Colorado under Colorado Revised Statute §18-1-1001. The mandatory protection order under §18-1-1001 states that a person charged in a criminal offense shall not attack, harass, intimidate, retaliate against or tamper with any victim or witness of the offense. Usually, this protection order includes a no contact order which requires the person charged to not have any contact with a victim. If there is a violation of this protection order, the court may revoke the defendant’s bond, issue an arrest warrant, or impose other penalties against the Defendant.

Consequences of a criminal mandatory protection order may be removal from the family home, no contact with your spouse and no contact with your children. This type of protection order may also have an adverse effect on employment, the ability to get housing, the ability to get certain types of loans and your right to carry or possess a firearm. At Nellessen Legal, we are experienced in protecting your rights and your livelihood.

If you are faced with a criminal offense and a mandatory protection order is issued against you, a qualified and experienced criminal restraining order attorney is necessary. Contact the attorneys at Nellessen Legal and let us fight to protect your legal rights.

Protection Order Violations


Protection Orders are orders of the court. Violating a restraining order is a crime in the state of Colorado. If a violation has occurred, the defendant could be arrested and charged with a new misdemeanor or felony offense. A person who violates a protection may receive a fine, jail time or both. Charges may be compounded if another crime occurs in conjunction with the restraining order violation or if the person who obtained the original protection order is the victim of the violation or new offense.